Wanted! Counselor for Silk Road Mission

Responsibilities: Similar to the Spiritual Sponsor, the Counselor will be intimately involved in the lives of the staff and families of SRM. Will be tasked with counseling of staff if need be and reporting any abuses done by staff to proper authorities. Also will make sure that organization follows biblical principles in how it implements its mission.

Qualifications: Iron will. Boldness in confronting sin. Faithful member of local congregation or staff member. Understands and can communicate in English. Counseling credentials preferred but not required. Willingness to serve on Board of Directors as Secretary.

This is a support role. The goal is to have an outside presence keeping SRM’s ethics more than above reproach. Silk Road Mission understands that this is not a paid position and thus doesn’t expect that level of commitment at this time. We seek someone that wishes to do this role as an addition to their ministry and not a supplanting of their local work.

If you or someone you know fits what we are looking for, please send a short introduction to info@silkroadmission.org