Expedition #1


Expedition #1 started on June 17, 2018. I wish I could say that I started the trip fully prepared and well rested. In fact, I had mistaken the time of my outgoing flight. I thought it left at 3:30pm. It actually left at 3:30am. By God’s grace I checked my email and saw the reminder for it in time to get ready quickly and grab a taxi to the airport. This was the beginning of a pattern for this trip. I make a mistake -> The Lord gives grace -> things work out but not the way I envisioned.

1st Leg: Hong Kong

  • My purpose of going to HKG was pretty simple: Get a Chinese visa.

  • Spent three days in the city, mainly Kowloon.

  • Did some basic, free sightseeing in Kowloon and went to some museums.

  • Got my visa on the third day and set for Nepal the day after that.

2nd Leg: Kathmandu, Nepal

  • My purpose in KTM: Network for future ministry in Nepal.

  • Spent two weeks in Nepal, Kathmandu only.

  • Gained five contacts.

    • Tibetan ministry contact in rural Nepal.

    • Local church planting movement contact.

    • Local business poised for tent-making opportunity.

    • Local pastor and his staff.

    • Humanitarian NGO contact.

  • Left Nepal with some great contacts and the beginnings of many hopefully great relationships.

3rd Leg: Western China

  • Spent 18 days in China.

  • 9 days were sent in bed extremely sick. Lost some serious water weight.

  • Visited both the border of Tibet and the foothills of the mountains south of the Gobi Desert.

  • Met with local missionaries and heard of their ministries. Got to pray for them and with them.

  • Learned quite a bit from these missionaries and hope to work with them in the future.

Returned to Taiwan: July 25, 2018. Exhausted and spent. Poured out but happy. About 15lbs lighter. Despite all this, I believe that Expedition #1 was a success. Networking is a difficult yet incredibly important part of missions.

Please pray for future ministry success on the Silk Road!

-Kenneth See
SRM Founder