SRM Ministry Update (August 2017)


This is the Monthly Ministry Update for the month of August 2017.

As of this writing, Silk Road Mission is still very much in its planning stages. The sheer amount of work needed to get a ministry off the ground is staggering to me. Still, I'm finding the work to be quite stimulating. Today, lets look to the future of SRM!

There are three phases to SRM's growth and work. Let's outline those and lay out a solid plan for future ministry.

Phase One

This phase is characterized by two main activities. Fundraising and Marketing.

  • Fundraising: This is pretty straight forward. The goal here is to get Expedition One completely funded. This is achieved by church visits, guest speaking, conferences, and personal networking.
    • There are three funding goals for the expedition. Current Raised: $0
      • BASIC: $20,000 - This is the bare minimum funding needed to do the expedition. Life will be tough on the trip but doable.
      • AVERAGE: $30,000 - This is my preferred amount to fundraise. This will take care of my needs but also allow me to start projects with contacts on my journey.
      • GOD GOAL: $40,000 - This goal being met would be an incredible gift from the Lord. This would take care of me and enable awesome opportunities to reach communities way out of the way.
  • Marketing: I want to clarify. Marketing simply means raising awareness and networking for opportunities on the field.
    • The main goal of marketing in phase one will be gaining a following that buys into the mission and will further it into phase two.


Phase Two

This phase somewhat overlaps with Phase One in that both require active marketing. The difference between one and two is that at this point Expedition One will have been completed and we will transition to seeking monthly support from churches and individuals. Also, the beginning stages of a training and equipping ministry for church planting will begin to take shape.

The goal of phase two is to become self sustaining and able to support several missionaries along the Road.


Phase Three

The final phase is our ultimate goal but also just another step on the journey. By this point SRM will be regularly producing content for missions awareness along the Silk Road, sending missionaries to the Road, and organizing domestic mobilization campaigns. In short, we will be well on our way to planting a church in every people group along the Silk Road!


As you can see, I believe the Lord has huge plans for SRM. So, it goes without saying that I need help and lots of it! If you are willing to help, please email me at and let me know how you believe you can help the Silk Road Mission get off the ground. We are looking for passionate people that desire to reach the unreached and are willing to do whatever that takes.

That's all for the August 2017 Ministry Update. As always; May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you and give you peace. See you next time travelers!