2018 in Review

I believe that 2019 will be the biggest year yet for SRM. The possibilities are electrifying!

Last year, in 2018, I had the blessing of beginning this ministry of Silk Road Mission. This is a quick look at what God has done and what I hope He will do in the year to come!

  • In January, God brought many opportunities to me through my church in Forney, Texas and enabled me to connect and serve.

  • In February, I was introduced to many opportunities to go overseas. One of them solidified into my current job in Taipei, Taiwan.

  • In March, I moved to Taiwan and began to acclimatize to life on the mission field and engage with the opportunities for service there.

  • In April, I began to look for opportunities to build a network of ministry contacts in the summer. Expedition #1 began to take shape.

  • In May, I began to feel the stress of living overseas and was hit with sickness. Still, this was a wonderful opportunity to trust in the Lord.

  • In June, Expedition #1 began and the opportunities to make contacts, share the Gospel, and preach were ever present.

  • In July, Expedition #1 continued and brought just as many hardships in China as it did opportunities. 9 days sick in bed was a hard time I hope I don’t have to repeat anytime soon!

  • In August, I arrived back in Taiwan from Expedition #1 exhausted but ready for the school year to start in earnest. It was clear that the opportunity to serve my students well was training for future ministry.

  • In September, I began to enter into the low point of the Culture Shock process. Some call this the “Frustration Phase” or “Distress Phase”. Still, paired with this was several opportunities to serve my church as I began teaching a weekly Bible Study toward adult ESL students.

  • In October, I began to finally adjust to life in Taiwan and began to see opportunities to share the Gospel more and more each day. This also began the most fruitful time of my prayer life in Taiwan thus far.

  • In November, I saw myself preach for my church, serve my students and school, serve the local community, and begin to make an effort at reaching out to local contacts.

  • In December, I have the opportunity to come home and raise awareness for Silk Road Mission and Expedition #2. I also get to see friends and family which is a definite plus!

If you hadn’t noticed, one word really summed up my 2018: opportunity. It was a great year that I believe has changed the trajectory of my life in a big way. The mission has become my life’s goal. I want to serve the Lord and bring Him Glory. This is how I am doing that.

So, what’s next? I believe that 2019 will be the biggest year yet for SRM. The possibilities are electrifying! There are three goals for 2019 I hope to accomplish:

  1. The first Short Term SRM Trip to Nepal

  2. The formation of SRM’s 501c3 Non-profit status.

  3. Expedition #2 to grow SRM’s Ministry Network

All of these goals require your support. The Silk Road is white for the harvest and my hope is to be in a place to start reaping that harvest soon. SRM exists to recruit, train, send, and support missionaries (for both the short and long term) to the peoples, communities, and nations of the Silk Road. Will you join us in 2019 to fulfill that mission by giving either your time (as a missionary) or your finances (as a sender). No matter how you partner with SRM, what I really need is your prayer. Please pray for the ministry to honor and glorify Christ.

I look forward to serving our good God alongside you all in 2019!

Soli Deo Gloria.

Ken See
SRM Founder