SRM Expedition #2 Debrief

It is now September and I have been back in Taiwan for a month. School has started and I’m back to teaching middle schoolers literature and public speaking. Time really has flown by.

The Finance Report for SRM Ex. #2 has been ready since my first week back in August. If you are interested in reading it, send me an email at and I’ll send it your way.


I had one real big goal for this year’s expedition: Make it to Nepal and preach the Gospel faithfully. That was the climax of my work on the Silk Road this time around. Everything led to my time there.

Yet, I did have secondary goals in Austria and Central Asia. In both places I wanted to establish new connections, rekindle old ones, and learn about the state of the church. In many ways, I was naive to what was really happening on the ground and that showed this year. I was lovingly corrected by workers in Central Asia about the security concerns they had and the legitimacy of them. I was surprised to hear of the struggles of the church in Austria and it’s problems dealing with a post-Christian society. Going forward, the work that needs to be done there is quite staggering but worth it. I even got to meet with a local Austrian pastor that made it clear: the work was difficult but oh so needed.

Nepal has quickly grown as a place near and dear to my heart. I have fallen in love with its people, cuisine, and culture. I always have wonderful experiences in the country and plan on returning yearly for mission work as long as I’m able to do so.


  • Made contact with local Austrian churches and leadership. Currently pursuing relationships with them over email.

  • Established friendship with Central Asian workers and discussed future mission plans.

  • Taught about the Character and Nature of God at one of YWAM Nepal’s Discipleship Training Schools.

  • Encountered several Justice Missions and Business as Mission opportunities and contacts.

  • Plans for SRM Expedition #3 began to be laid.

Growth Opportunities

  • Travel costs were more expensive than budgeted because of poor baggage planning.

  • Strategies to deal with loneliness need to be researched and developed.

  • Rest days need to be factored into the plans for next expedition. Burnout was hard to avoid this year.

  • SRM Home Team needs to be recruited.

As you can see, there is much to celebrate and ponder. I have just as many chances to learn and grow from this year’s expedition as I do to give praise to God for His Providence.

As we now look to the future and begin planning for Expedition #3, I have one thought in my head:

This is only the beginning. The task in front of us is staggering. Yet, our God is a staggeringly awesome and good God. His mission cannot fail. Let’s get to work!

See you next time travelers.

Ken See
SRM Founder