Photography and Videography as Mission Part One

In the world of Photography and Videography, I'm so wet behind the ears it hurts.

This post will be more personal than previous posts. It's a part of my journey and the way I believe I can create an income while working from anywhere in the world. I'm talking about Photography and Videography.

I didn't grow up with a camera in my hand nor did I try to "make movies" as many kids did. In fact, my first non-disposable camera was given to me my sophomore year of college for Christmas. It was a small waterproof sport camera. I loved that thing. Took it with me on every campout or school event. It couldn't do much but it could take pictures so I thought it was pretty nifty. It documented my trip to the Dominican Republic and was a trooper throughout. So, when I left for India, I thought it was indestructible. It broke within two days of landing in Hyderabad. 

My host wanted me to get some pictures for myself and his own ministry so he let me use his basic DSLR. I loved it. Made some cool photos and videos with that camera. I thought I was basically a pro. It was embarrassing how bad those photos were but they were better than anything I'd taken with my small action cam. 

When I got home from India there was a part of me that wanted to invest in a DSLR. Then, I had to "return to reality" and go back to my job. I told myself "You're too old. This was something you should have started like 5 years ago. It's just too late now." What a fool I was.

Flash forward three years. On a whim, I buy a small Sony Handicam. I start making short videos. Then I make two travel videos about my home city of Dallas. I fall in love with making videos and start to chase that as a hobby. Soon enough I was looking up DSLR's again and what it took to make it as a videographer/photographer. 

What did I learn? Come back next time to find out!

That's all the time we have for now travelers. 
As always, May the Lord bless you and keep you,
may He make His face shine upon you and
may He give you peace.

I'll see you next time.

- Ken See
Silk Road Mission