SRM Expeditions Field Update June 24, 2018

Today, I got to play the role of Missionary Detective on the streets of Kathmandu. I was asking questions, interviewing people, and getting a lead for my next inquiry. All before lunch too!

It has been such a good day! I'll admit that when it comes to reaching out to others for anything, I'm a hardcore introvert. I struggle asking for help in all areas of life. This became even more apparent today as I had to try and locate two local churches based on Google maps and local signage. The former being ridiculously unreliable.

Seriously, one church had a website that was updated a couple days before I arrived in Nepal. Still, when I went to their location (as shown on Google maps) there was nothing there. Not sure what to make of that.

Either way, I then went to another church I had found through Google. It was a massive construction site. There was a temporary church office next door. When I went in and asked to see a pastor, a young Bible college student named Jack (not real name, obviously) took me around the church land to find a staff member. Barry (also not real name) was about to leave and said to come back tomorrow. So, I'm doing just that!

After that I went back to my guesthouse, listened to a sermon from my home church, and rested. That afternoon was filled with exploring, photography, and great food. I'm excited to be meeting with this church in the morning.

Please pray for the following things:

  • That fruitful and God-honoring relationships be formed.
  • That both the church and I can clearly understand each other.
  • That more leads and possible contacts begin to take shape.

I'm so grateful for my church for allowing me to be here and making it possible! Fellowship Forney, you guys are the best!

That's all for this update.
May the Lord bless you and keep you, may He make His face shine upon you, and may He give you peace.

I'm Ken with Silk Road Mission.
See you next time