The Way Forward

“I know that I don’t know anything which makes me want to know things even more.”

Wow, one year exactly since arriving in Taiwan. Time flies when you’re going through culture shock. So much has happened since arriving in Taiwan. I detailed the last year before in a previous post so I won’t do it again here. Suffice it to say, I’m still happy I’m here and am loving every moment.

I’ve been thinking about the future of SRM lately. What shape will it take? What path will we walk? Who will join the team? How will I attract those who care about the Unreached? How will I secure mission funding? Incorporate into a 501c3? Build up a board or directors? What about field contacts? How do I survive while building this organization and where do I find time to seek the Lord in the midst of all this busyness?

I’m confronted with my own ignorance in these matters and it’s killing me. I know that I don’t know anything which makes me want to know things even more. Still, a cord of three strands is not easily broken. I need help. Especially from wiser, more experienced people who have been in my shoes before.

In an email exchange with a woman from my church back home she advised me on starting a 501c3. Her company specializes in helping organizations become legal entities. That has to be my next step. First, get SRM non profit status. Second, secure funding for at least two years. Three, build the network. Finally, train and send missionaries.

Please be in prayer as I begin to walk this path. Below are three ways you can support Silk Road Mission on the way to incorporation:

  1. Consider joining as one of our Board of Directors. A Board is required to incorporate into a 501c3 and also provides oversight into the organization. This commitment would not be a burden on you and would enable you to greatly support SRM.

  2. Consider giving to Silk Road Mission’s Expedition #2 fund. The plans for this summer are solidifying and arrangements will need to be made soon. You can give through PayPal here.

  3. Pray for the Lord’s provision in all things. I’m constantly blown away by how the Lord provides for his people. I’ve come to understand what Christ meant when He said to seek the Kingdom first and all these (food, clothing, etc…) will be added to you. So please, pray that we all (myself and you) will seek Christ first and then trust Him to provide.

As in all things, I’m grateful for your support. Let’s continue to work hard to bring the Gospel to the peoples, communities, and nations along the ancient Silk Road!

-Ken See
Silk Road Mission