It all started with an internship that led to a connection that led to a phone call that led to a meeting that led to a trip...


The winter of 2014 I preached at a year-end conference and associational meeting for baptists in South East India. This is just a recollection of the trip and what was accomplished. This was where the vision for SRM was born.

I've posted about the trip itself here, here, and here. Below is some statistics on what happened on the trip:

- Preached a total of 7 times.
- Audience sizes ranged from approx. 25 people to approx. 3,000 by the last day of the conference.
- Laid out the Gospel, from beginning to end over 7 days.
- Prayed for countless people.
- Learned from other missionaries about the state of the church in Asia.
- Was counseled by a veteran preacher about India and preaching.

As you can see it was a busy time! I went home with the knowledge that I could do something  about this. I could preach. I could go myself to the nations that need it most. The Lord could use me.

I had fervor but no where to direct it. That's when the Lord brought my attention to the Silk Road. Soon after returning home the seeds of SRM were planted.